A Comprehensive Guide On How To Replace A Car Headlight Bulb

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Replace A Car Headlight Bulb

The replacement of headlight bulbs is an easy process if you know what you are doing. It is usually advised that one replaces their headlights the moment any problem is observed. Not only do unfixed lights present a safety hazard, but they can also lead to issues with the authorities if spotted. The fixing of headlights is a Do It Yourself (DIY) project but they are some things to keep in mind prior to undertaking this type of venture.

A Guide On How To Change Light Bulbs

1. You should first open the hood of your car and locate the bulb holder which is typically located at the back of the headlight. On opening the hood, you will see a connector containing three wires held together by a screw cap, plastic catch or metal clip. If by any chance you spot dust over the power protector, remove it first.

2. The next step is disconnecting the power connector. If it is held in place by a metal clip, pull the clip out. If it is a plastic catch holding the connector in place, press down on the lever of the holding catch and pull to disconnect the power connector. It the connector is held in place by a screw cap, simply uncork the screw to disconnect the power connector.

3. The next step is usually to securely remove the bulb of the headlight from the socket holding it.

4. After removing the old bulb, remove the replacement bulb from its packaging. As you are handling the replacement bulb, avoid touching the glass surface with your bare hands. If by any chance you have oil on your hands and it touches the glass surface, it can cause the replacement bulb to overheat and burn out. Prior to installing the new bulb, it is usually advised that one wipes it with an alcohol wipe.

5. You should then hold the replacement bulb by the base and insert it into the headlight. The next step should be to reconnect the power connector. After this is done, you can turn your headlights back on to ascertain that everything is working as it should.

If you cannot spot the headlight area in your car, you may need to find specific instructions on how to handle bulb replacement for your car model. If you work without a manual for your car, you can end removing important parts whose return position you do not remember.

You can also consider taking your car to a professional auto repair shop. Get in touch, call us today we will take care of all your vehicle repairs.

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