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Exhaust & Mufflers

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair Services

At Leahy’s Auto , we provide quality and honest auto repair services.  We specialize in exhaust system repairs and replacements.

Our weather here in Pennsylvania can absolutely wreak havoc on your car’s exhaust system.  With most systems made of galvanized metals, they are conducive to rust and water damage over time.

When your exhaust system is not operating at its most efficient state, you can risk losing gas mileage or, even worse, having your system leaking toxic carbon monoxide fumes into your passenger compartment.

Your muffler could rust over time and rot causing it to get very loud.  It could prevent you from passing an inspection or worse, get you a ticket.

The pros at Leahy’s Auto are committed to providing affordable and high quality exhaust services in and around Harrisburg.

Our friendly office staff can help you with all your automotive needs and questions.

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