How Can I Keep My Car from Getting Stolen?

How Can I Keep My Car from Getting Stolen

Waking up and discovering your car is missing is one of the worst feelings. The recent figures from the FBI show that over 770,000 vehicles are stolen in the U.S every year. The good thing is there are some ways you can use to keep yours safe and not end up being a statistic.

Car Theft Tactics
OEM security systems have improved, but the methods and tactics used by thieves have improved too. The base strategies of car thieves are still the same age-old approaches. The first being taking advantage of any immediate opportunity they come across, while the second involves some careful planning, preparing, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The first tactic is mostly used by car thieves, but before they can do it, they ensure there is no chance of getting caught. The second one is common and involves less risk because the plan has been carefully thought out. Just like any other type of thief, car thieves will always choose the path of least resistance.

Discouraging car thieves
No tactic is 100% foolproof when it comes to theft-deterrence, but using the methods below will help in discouraging car thieves from stealing your car;

Turning off your engine
Are you the type of person who leaves their car running when they enter a local store or let it warm on the driveway? When you leave your car running while unoccupied, it makes it easier for the thieves because they wait in the shadows and wait for people to make this mistake.

Doors locked and windows up
This is especially important if you are stuck in stop-and-go traffic. It is important to keep the windows rolled up tight and ensuring the doors are locked to keep carjackers out.

Wisely choosing your parking spots
Criminal like it when they are in the shadows. When choosing a place to park, you should stay away from dimly lit and isolated areas.

Not leaving valuables in your vehicle
When you leave your valuables inside the car, it attracts car thieves. There is also the risk of a “smash-and-grab” burglars. When a thief breaks into the car after seeing your wallet or purse lying inside, they can just decide to steal the car so it can be worth their while.

Hiding your documents
Many drivers usually have their car registration, driver’s license, and poof insurance inside. If a thief steals a car then a police offer pulls them over, they can easily show the insurance and registration cards and be let go. You should lock these documents inside the glovebox, but the best option can be carrying them any time you leave the car.

Scanning your surroundings
You need situational awareness to scan the surroundings and look out for any suspicious activity. When you do this, it will help in heightening your senses and helping you remember precautions to take, especially if the area is unfamiliar.

Installing an alarm
If the area you live in has high-crime or if the car make and model you have is frequently targeted, consider getting a good alarm system. Having such alarms can help in deterring criminals. You can get this done at Leahy’s auto in the meantime call us to get a quote.

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