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Why Oil Changes are Important

  1. Maintain Lubrication of Engine
    An engine has lots of parts, like pistons and valves that are moving at high speed.  As these parts move they create heat which wear down your engine without being properly lubricated
  2.  Keeps engine parts cool
    Moving parts create friction which creates heat.  Sufficient amounts of clean oil helps reduce friction and thus reducing heat.
  3. Improve Gas Mileage
    An engine that is poorly lubricated with lead to increased fuel consumption.  It is important for your engine to have clean oil which can help improve your gas mileage by 2%.  Overtime this can lead to gallons of gas saved.
  4. Maintains the longevity of your vehicle
    For many people their vehicle will be their second largest investment.  Protecting that investment means keeping the oil clean, full and regularly changed.